Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Lilys 1st Birthday!

Well the month of April so far has been busy but great! April 3rd was Lilys 1st birthday and to celebrate it we decided to go to visit Brandens family in St. George. At the same time Brandens dad had come to visit from California and most of the family hasn't seen him in years so everyone was there. We rented a van and picked up the boys in Spanish Fork and Lily and I had a little visit with my sister Arielle and her family. We then drove the rest of the way to St. George, which seemed to take forever, and had a nice little rest before we all went out to dinner with Brandens dad and his friend. It was nice to finally meet him and to get to be with everyone. On saturday I spent 6 hours making Lilys birthday cake with some help from my sister inlaw and my other sister inlaw and her friend decorated for the party. The party was great, Lily loved her cake so much so that she devoured it and became a green cake baby, after being rinsed off in the shower she opened her presents which she loved and headed straight to bed as she was exhausted! We came home the next day very sad to leave nanas but very glad to be back in our own home. The next sunday was Easter and Lily was able to celebrate this one since she was not a few days old like last year. She got a cute bunny, some bubbles, just a little candy, and she loved it all. Daddy then went out of town for a few days which left us locked in the house with bad weather but it has since then been just beautiful here and we are loving it. Oh yeah while daddy was out of town at a convention for work he won us a Nintendo Wii through a raffle, we are very excited becasue we have always wanted one but we didn't want to pay $250 for it. So this has been our month so far and we couldn't be having more fun. Thank you nana for letting us stay with you and for helping with the party, and thank you to everyone that gave Lily a present, was there ever a more loved or spoiled baby?

Friday, March 13, 2009


So as you all have heard by now the Armours have moved to Idaho. We have had multiple requests for pictures of our little place so here they are. We are livimg in a 4 plex apartment building with three bedrooms and two full baths, which is nice because now Lily (and any visitors) have their own bathroom, walk in closets and a nice little balcony patio. The only bad things being we are on the second floor, so moving in was really hard, and our neighbors are, well not to be mean but not the greatest. But these things we can live with and we plan to stay here for a year or two until we can be in the situation where we can either buy a new house or build our dream home. Branden is doing great at his new, old job and his bosses seem to be very glad he is back. My little red car broke down so until further notice we only have one vehicle. which turned out to be a good thing since we have saved money with insurance. Lily will be 1 in a few weeks and we are so excited! She has been walking a lot lately, although not very far, and she just keeps getting better and better. I have finally gotten my wish of being a full time stay at home mom due to the fact that no one is hiring because of the bad economy, and I couldn't be happier, not about the bad economy that is terrible. Also if you look real closely at the picture of Lily you just might be able to make out her first two teeth on the bootom, yeah! Well we miss everyone terribly and hope to see everyone soon, wish us luck!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas, The New Year and!!!!

Well it has been forever since I last posted but life has been so busy, as I expect it has been with everyone else. We had a wonderful Christmas and it is surely a day we will never forget. Lily and I woke up at our usual time of 8:00 am, waited as long as we could, about a half an hour, and then we woke daddy. Presents were unwrapped, laughter was abundant (mostly because Lily tried to eat the wrapping paper) and a good time was had by all. We then had Brandens brother and his family over for dinner and conversation after and then we fell into bed exhausted. Not two days later we headed down to St. George for Brandens sister Laurens sealing in the temple, which we are so proud of them for doing) and and a repeat of Christmas with his family. Three days after that we headed up to Idaho Falls, Idaho to look around at our new home town. Yes the Armours are moving to Idaho. Burger King wants Branden back and they are willing to pay for it with more promised raises in the near future. It seems to be a nice place and although I am so very sad to be leaving my friends and family, my sister and bestfriend Arielle most of all, this seems to be the best thing for the future of our family. We will definatley miss our little town of Spanish Fork and all that is entailed with it but hopefully we will be happy in Idaho, and don't forget Idaho is only 4 hours away!!!! Visitors will be more then welcome!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lily the mover!

So when people say don't hope for them to start crawling and walking because once they do chaos insues, oh they were all right! Lily can crawl with the best of them and she is so very fast! She knows exactly what mommy and daddy don't want her to get into and how to do it so that we don't notice at first. She loves to play with all of daddies computer things and thinks she is completely intitled to it. She knows how to turn of the computer and has done it multiple times so daddy had to put a heavy weight in front of it so that she can't get to it, only now she just plays with the weight... She tries to climb on anything and everything and in doing this falls over and bonks her head about ten times a day. But I guess she will only get better at everything and hopefully hurt herself less. Also Lily was blessed by daddy this last sunday and he did an amazing job, we were able to have only some family come due to bad weather althought more tried at risk to life and limb but were not able to make it so I will include some pictures from that day. Thankyou to the Arthurs for all their help and to everyone that made it to the church and our house for the party. I had a great night last night.....Branden gave me my christmas present early, a trip to a spa......I got to dress up in a fancy rob, get a massage that included very warm towels (never had that) and my very first facial, it was amazing. Each time after they did a step in my facial they wrapped a very warm towel around my face it was pure heaven. After the facial I had a free make up session which was neat because as most of you know I rarely put make up on except for church and if we go out all fancy like. I had a wonderful time and am so thankful for my thoughtful husband. Where would we be in this world without the people who love us and without the people we love..........

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Well its been a week since thanksgiving and I have to say part of me is sad to be back. We went down to nana sherrys like we do every year and we had a blast! We got to see all of Brandens side of the family minus a few people and Lily got to meet for the first time her great aunts and great uncle and all their families. I love that Lily has great aunts and great uncles who are just a few years older then her daddy! Lily loved her first thanksgiving and all the fun things she got to eat! She simply loves eating any big girl food she can get her hands on and got to try nanas mashed potatoes (best ever) rolls, and other yummy baby friendly food. She got to see her cousin Catelyn who is by the way one day younger then Lily and weighes at least 7lbs less (and is just one of the cutest babies ever) and she just stared at her the whole time!!! We took family pictures that from what I have seen turned out great and will post as soon as I get copies of and we just had an all around great time. We stayed at auntie Lauren and uncle Steves house which was great becuse they have such a nice place and we are so very excited about their sealing later this month, GO LAUREN AND STEVE! YEAH!!!!! Well thats all until I get the pictures so catch ya laters!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Life As We Know It!

Well lots has happened since my last post. Halloween has come and gone and we had a blast! First we went to the pumpkin patch with Auntie Arielles family and picked out Lilys first pumpkin and went on Lilys first hayride. Lily and I carved the pumpkins, well I carved pumpkins while Lily watched on. We then went to Lilys cousins Jaxs Halloween parade at his school and we finally went trick or treating with Auntie Arielle, Jax, Leo, and dalmation costumed Skunk. Lily was dressed up as a Lady Bud due to her knickname being Lily Bug. She had her first sucker and some Milkyway and was on cloud 9 the entire time. Hopefully next year she might even be able to say trick or treat but I guess we'll see. She is not yet crawling but has developed her own way of getting around by either rolling over and over or by doing a type of army crawl. My theory is she is just taking her time on purpose to get at mommy and daddy and will do it when she is ready. Still no teeth which is a blessing since I am still nursing but like crawling I bet it will happen any day. Daddy says he thinks she'll be crawling by Thanksgiving which would be great since the family will all be together! Well I guess thats all for now, catch you guys later!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lily, the mover!

Well just a few days ago we got Lilys walker in the mail and I put her in it not thinking anything would happen. But to my suprise she starting moving right away. She comes to me when I call her and she loves to play with the toy that's attached to the front. She has started drinking out of a big girl sippie cup, although she's not sure yet what it's all about, and she gets to attend her first wedding tomorrow with mommy. My best friend from work Jerrica is getting married and I am her marton of honor and Lily will be my date. We are planning on blessing her within the next few weeks at church on a sunday soon so listen up and we will tell you when it is going to be. That's all for now, catch you later!